London: My Spots (Warwick Way)

When it comes to London and to beautiful urban spots, we have plenty of choices. The Big Ben, Southbank, Notting Hill, Camden, Primrose Hill, the parks…all great places.
Do we need another boring london-spots-list-for–tourists?  No we don’t. Buzzfeed and The Evening Standard are enough. Thanks.

Here is a list of my (random) spots, bars, streets, buildings.
Do we need this list? No we don’t. But hey, here you go!

CaffèNero – Warwick Way


When I first moved from East London (Bethnal Green) to Warwick Way I found myself sharing a three floors Victorian house with other seven human beings.

I had a small and tiny room with a single bed and a small, broken wardrobe. On top of this, at the time my partner had an ongoing bedbugs’ issue at her place and we decided to move all her stuff to my room…eventually she moved to my room too.
We were not exactly living the posh life.

But after my nightshifts I would stop at the corner between Warwick Way and Wilton Road, step into my CaffeNero, order a double macchiato and a pain au raisin, take a sit next to the window, look outside.
And be happy.

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