The corner between Brick Lane and Bethnal Green Road


At the corner between Brick Lane and Bethnal Green Road I lived one of those moments when everything could change. And it did.

We spent the night out at the Big Chill Bar. We actually stop by a shop were I tried hookah for the first time. Not impressed really.
After a couple of drinks I had the revelation: the person I was dating crashed on someone else.

I was kinda impressed by the chilled way I took the news. Actually, I had lots of spoilers in the previous days. It kinda hurt a bit but I was not impressed (again).
I just sat there drinking my Corona.

– “I guess you don’t want to talk to me or see me anymore after what I just said..”

– “Why would I? It’s fine, no worries.”

I walked with her to the bus stop on Bethnal Green Road. Before getting on the bus she said“come here” and she kissed my lips taking my hands in hers.
(I get what you’re thinking dear: I thought she was not ok too, or, at least, that she was little bit confused, poor thing. Or just a bitch).

Anyway, the point is, almost three years ago now I left my heart at the corner between Brick Lane and Bethnal Green Road.
I went there a lot of times after that night, trying to get my heart back.
I went there in the mornings.
I went there at night.
I went there at weekends.

I couldn’t find it. It disappeared somewhere between a bagel’s place and a bike shop.
I eventually got it back, in a place far far away. I found it and I lost it again soon after. But that’s another story.

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