Underground Memories

underground memories

When heading to work, or to your bestie’s, to a party, to nowhere and you find yourself on a crowded train stop and think about all the life you’ve lived journeying from A to B so far.

Stop. Literally. Close your eyes.
That time when, after a massive fight, you chased your girlfriend on the Central Line (westbound) cause you didn’t want her to go.
That time a smelly man told you to fuck off cause you were standing in the middle of a carriage of the Victoria Line with two huge suitcases and a pillow under your left arm (you were relocating ok, still…keep clear…).
That time you were heading to Morning Crescent and she took your  hand for the first time on the Northern Line and you started smiling like an idiot.

Now open your eyes.
Listen to this small urban masterpiece.
And for fuck sake SMILE. You’re making memories on this train, you’re living your beautiful life on this carriage.

And always offer your seat to women, children and elderly people!

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